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How Tray Liners Protect Your Ute and the Cargo

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A ute is versatile, thanks to the tray which you can find in different shapes and sizes depending on the ute's model. The bigger the tray is, the more items you can store or transport. The best part is that ute trays are made from robust materials that can withstand rough handling. However, if you want to get more service from your ute tray — longer than the manufacturer's predicted service life — then you need a ute tray liner. The accessory goes a long way into protecting your ute tray, and this article highlights how the liner achieves the feat. 

Vibration Absorption 

Most tools that are used by tradespeople are heavy and made of metal. Therefore, as you drive to a project site, the tools will likely jump about on a tray, especially if you do not have the means to secure the tools in place. The action is caused by the vibrations resulting from the ute's contact with the road. As the tools jump about on the tray, they tend to scratch the surface. Over time, the scratches become visible and unsightly. Since a ute tray liner is made from vibration-absorbing material, it can dampen the vibrations, consequently eliminating erratic tool movement on the tray. By investing in a ute liner, you don't have to secure your tools because the devices will remain in their position the entire journey. 

Textures Surface 

Not every tradesperson invests in a securing system for their ute tray. Even though most ute tray floor surfaces are resistant to scratches, the smooth texture allows unsecured tools to slip and slide across the surface. When this happens, the tools bump to the sides of the tray, thus creating dents. This is mainly the case if you carry heavy tools such as a steel ladder. The textured surface of the ute tray liners makes them the go-to accessory for tradespeople that want to prevent slippage of tools or cargo on their ute trays. Once installed, you do not have to worry about how carefully you drive or the condition of the road surface because increased friction between the tools and the liner ensures that the tools stay in place. 

Pre-Installed Cargo Tarp Attachment Points

By now, you know that the primary function of a ute tray liner is to protect the tray's surface against damage by tools and cargo. However, what happens when you want to protect both the liner and the tools from the elements? A ute tray cargo tarp provides additional protection from direct sunlight and rain, but this is only possible if there are attachment points. If your ute tray doesn't come with dedicated cargo tarp attachment points, then do not fret because quality liners come with pre-installed cargo covers. It allows for easy installation and removal of the cargo tarp whenever necessary.