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Scissor Lifts Vs. Boom Lifts: When To Choose Scissor Lifts

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Scissor lifts and boom lifts are top choices when it comes to lift equipment for reaching elevated spaces. Whether you are working construction or doing some maintenance work high up, you need to ensure that you pick the right equipment for the job.

Scissor lifts are the better choice over boom lifts with the following considerations in mind.

1.    A Shorter Vertical Reach

How high up will you have to go to have easy and safe access to the work area?  Depending on the specific model, scissor lifts provide aerial lift for up to an elevation of sixty feet. Boom lifts, on the other hand, have a higher reach of up to three times what scissor lifts provide. That said, if you only need to move straight up and not high, then scissor lifts are more than well suited for the job.

2.    Larger Workspace Size

The size of the workspace on a boom lift is quite limited, and these aerial lifts will typically accommodate only one person at a time. The advantage of scissor lifts is that they have a much bigger platform, which makes them the lift equipment of choice where a project requires multiple personnel. The workers will have plenty of room to move around, ensuring that they do the job accurately. You can find scissor lifts with work platforms up to a third and a half as wide as they are long.

3.    Ease Of Use

Scissor lifts are generally far easier to use compared to other aerial lift equipment such as articulating boom lifts. It comes with the simple construction of the equipment. Even with that in mind, it is always crucial to ensure that only expertly trained and experienced personnel take on the task of operating this equipment.

4.    Working With Budgetary Constraints

Scissor lift hire is undoubtedly the more budget-friendly option compared to hiring boom lifts. The difference in cost is quite significant. For any project that can be accessed with either aerial lift equipment, it makes more economic sense to go with scissor lifts. Rest assured that you will be able to stay within the budget if the work area is directly up and not over when you use scissor lifts.

There are certainly more factors to keep in mind when considering which aerial lift equipment to hire. As highlighted, certain factors do indeed make scissor lifts hire a better choice over hiring boom lifts.