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The Benefits of a Car Lift Installation at Home

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Car lifts may be in common use in city car parks, but they are also becoming increasingly popular in people's homes. They are the perfect solution to some of the problems collectors have with storing their cars close to their home, meaning you don't need to hire spaces in a car park away from your residence. What's more, the installation of a car lift may be a good deal cheaper than you had previously imagined. What are the main advantages of fitting one in your home?

Utilise Vertical Space

Because Australia is a large country, it is sometimes easy to think of it having lots and lots of space available for car parking. However, this is certainly not the case in many of the country's big cities, and space can also be at a premium in some towns. If so, then you may not have enough room for a triple- or even a double-width garage. Therefore, the only option for you is to use the vertical space above your head. If you have a car collection of even just three or four vehicles, then a car lift installation will mean you can stack your cars up rather than parking them side by side. Clearly, this means you can store more cars than you would otherwise be able to without the need to build a huge garage on your land. In turn, this means more room for living space and garden areas.

Avoid Ramps

There is another option for storing cars in a multi-level garage. However, without a car lift, you will be obliged to install ramps in order to get your vehicles up and down. This may seem like a perfectly practical solution to the problem of storing several cars on your property. However, ramps necessarily take up a large amount of space in their own right, even if they have tight turning circles. What's more, many people consider them to be ugly from an architectural point of view when they are seen in the context of a residential property.

Have Fun

There is something to be said about the sheer joy of owning your own lift which can convey your cars up and down. Sometimes, car collectors have them installed for the simple enjoyment of operating them. If you display some of your collection inside your home, then they are a very practical means of getting them from A to B whilst adding value to your home.