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3 Top Reasons to Get an Autonomous Precision Fertiliser Applicator

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According to the United Nations projections, the global human population will reach 10 billion by 2050, and this poses significant challenges with food insecurity taking centre stage. The only way to feed the anticipated population increase is to boost food production considerably over the next several decades. While agricultural experts agree that this is not going to be an easy task, the specialists believe that precision agriculture is a step in the right direction. One such technology that looks to improve food production is the autonomous precision fertiliser applicator. The benefits that farmers stand to enjoy by using the know-how cannot be underestimated. Read on.

Avoid Fertiliser Wastage

Nitrogen-based fertilisers are quite expensive, and farmers try as much as possible to use methods that limit wastage during application. Regrettably, manual fertiliser application methods are still lacking in precision, and as things stand farmers are bound to absorb the cost of the wastage. Therefore, there couldn't be a better time for equipment manufacturers to launch the autonomous precision fertiliser applicator. As the name suggests, the equipment ensures precision during the application of top-dressed nitrogen fertiliser, thereby reducing wastage. You simply calibrate the discharge mechanism so that the applicator applies the fertiliser at preset intervals and directly onto the crops. Additionally, the equipment allows farmers to use the same amount of fertiliser on all plants. 

Reduced Supervision

Automation comes with reduced supervision, and this is another benefit that farmers stand to get with an autonomous precision fertiliser applicator. Traditionally, farmers had to make a rough estimate of the amount of fertiliser required before application. If farmers fall short, then they have to go back to the farmhouse to grab extra fertiliser. Not only is it a time-consuming process, but it is also tiring. For instance, one person has to stay with the manual applicator while the other goes to get additional fertiliser. With an automated fertiliser applicator, you can fill the reservoir with fertiliser and let it do the spreading as you get additional fertiliser. Most importantly, you stand to save time and labour.

Augment Fertility Program for Optimal Production

Farmers can only guarantee high-yield production if they have in place a robust fertility program. It means that soil tests, tissue samples and nutrient sensors have to be accurate for a fertility program to be effective. However, if you use manual fertiliser application techniques, then sticking to a fertility program will still be a challenge. An autonomous fertiliser applicator allows you to augment your crop fertility program with relative ease, thus guaranteeing maximum high-yield crop production.

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