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Make safety a priority when hiring construction equipment

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Choosing the right hire company for your construction equipment is an important task, and one of the things you will need to consider is how to ensure that the equipment is used safely. Here are some hints for ensuring your project remains accident-free.

Check the equipment

Find out from the company how often the equipment is inspected and replaced. You should expect the equipment to be up-to-date and capable of carrying out the tasks you want. You should also inspect the equipment regularly for signs of wear and tear or possible damage. The company should also be able to provide records of these inspections. You will then know that the equipment is in good working order and that the danger of its breaking down or causing an accident is minimal.

Check the company's safety record

All companies aim at a zero accident rate, but some come closer to this target than others. It is worth checking if the company's equipment has been involved in any on-site accidents in the recent past, and if there is any danger that the accident could be repeated.

Ask questions

Make sure you know exactly what you are hiring and that you fully discuss your needs with your provider so that you know you are getting the right equipment. In particular, you should pay attention to any safety instructions given by the company. If you or your workforce will be using the equipment yourselves, it is worth asking what training they recommend.

Consider hiring an operator

If the construction company offers to provide an operator with the equipment, this is something you should consider carefully. You may feel that your own workforce is qualified to operate the machinery, but the company's operator will be highly experienced with the particular equipment and will have received full training. They will also come with their own insurance.

Keep your site clear

Ensure that your site has clear obstacle-free routes for both pedestrians and any moving machinery. Routes for pedestrians and other traffic should be clearly marked and controlled so that there is no danger of collisions with construction equipment. There should also be safe routes for the operators to use when they need to get to the equipment itself.

The simplest way to avoid accidents is to be safety conscious at all times. If you put safety before all other considerations, your project should go through without any harm to your workforce or the public.

Contact a company that offers construction equipment hire resources in order to learn more.