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Ways to Use Steel Tubing for Rainwater Catch Systems

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A popular method for water conservation that many homeowners are moving to is creating a rainwater catch system. The basic method for a rainwater catch is to use a rainwater barrel located at the end of a guttering system runoff. There are other ways to create a system, and these methods can use industrial steel tubing in the system process. Here are a few ways you can use the tubing and what you need to know about each method. 

Guttering Expansion

One of the leading ways to use steel tubing is to extend your current guttering. The extension of the guttering can save more water by transporting it directly to a larger collection area. The expansion can also be done to each corner of your guttering to allow more collection from different points of the roofline. The steel tubing can be attached at the corners and connected through a mainline steel tubing pipeline system to larger collection tanks on the property.

Filtering Systems

One of the issues many homeowners are concerned with is the rainwater filtration. Some rainwater may need filtration before it is used in various areas of the home and property. With that in mind, you can use steel tubing to help with this. The tubing can be outfitted with layers of filtration screens and systems to help purify the water. The water moves through the guttering, rain catch barrel or other source through the steel tubing and the filtration layers. It flows down the pipes and into the final storage area ready for use in the home or property as clean water.

Delivery System

You may already have the proper rainwater collection system in place. What you may not have is a way to move the water from the water storage to locations on your property. You can create a delivery system with your steel tubing. The tubing can connect to rainwater barrels. It can also be used with the current underground water storage. A plumber can connect and create a suitable delivery system with the steel tubing that fits your needs. 

If any of these methods sound like options that would work for your rainwater catch system, contact a local steel tubing manufacturer. They can fabricate the sizes of tubing you need if they do not already have them readily available. They can also help with suggestions that may help your system work more efficiently and collect more water.