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Why Is Steel Gaining Popularity For Residential Building Construction?

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Steel's use in the construction industry is ubiquitous. This explains why the demand for steel building supplies continues to grow as the need for buildings and critical infrastructure increases across the world. While steel has been traditionally used for commercial and industrial construction, the metal is increasingly becoming common in residential construction these days. So what are some of the major reasons for this trend? Here are some examples of what's pushing home builders and homeowners alike to opt for steel.

Steel is structurally strong

Steel building products offer modern homeowners the opportunity to build houses that can last for many years to come. Steel's superior strength-to-weight ratio (when compared to traditional alternatives such as concrete and wood) makes it the ideal choice of building material for areas prone to hurricanes, tornadoes and other natural disasters.

Steel building materials are durable

Unlike concrete, steel won't develop cracks over time, and unlike wood, the metal won't warp, rot or suffer vermin damage. The only major thing that can affect steel's durability is corrosion. Fortunately, steel building products are available in various coatings and finishes that can protect the underlying metal from corrosion.

Steel is an eco-friendly building material

As more and more people embrace the need to build green homes, steel is increasingly being considered to be the material of choice. Steel is used in green construction projects owing to its durability and recyclability. The long-lasting nature of steel reduces the demand for new construction materials. The metal's ability to be recycled without losing its intrinsic qualities makes it ideal for reuse and re-purposing. 

The prefabrication of steel construction allows for better quality control

For those looking to construct buildings in areas where the weather may interfere with the quality of the construction process, steel components can be made off-site under factory conditions and delivered to the construction site for final assembly. This helps to improve the quality of the construction. 

Steel is economical to build with

While structural steel components initially cost more than their wood or concrete alternatives, they are generally cheaper to use. This is because steel structures tend to outlast structures made from other materials while requiring less maintenance. This means the lifecycle costs of steel are lower than that of their wood or concrete counterparts.

Despite having a few downsides, steel offers immense benefits. This explains why it is quickly becoming a popular choice of building material for residential construction. Talk to your residential building contractor today to find out which steel building supplies are suitable for your project.