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What to Look for in Reduced Consumption Air Cannons

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If you are in the market for an industrial air cannon, some of the things you will hear about are reduced-consumption models. These models are designed to use less energy and air while still giving the same amount of force that most traditional air cannons have. Here are a few things to consider about these reduction options and what you should know about each one.

Valve Designs

Some of the first things you need to look for are valve design upgrades. The upgraded valve designs should deliver high-impact gusts of air while using the smallest amount of air possible. What this means is that the valve itself will have a smaller air entrance area than most traditional valves. It will also likely have a larger opening to allow the air to escape into the cannon itself. You can ensure that you are getting these types of valves with your air cannon by comparing the sizes to your current valve sizes. 

Larger Tanks

In some cases, the valves may not the only way to reduce the air consumption of the air cannons. Larger tanks can also help with the air use reduction. The larger tanks can allow the cannons to deliver a larger amount of air for a longer amount of time. Since the tanks can help elongate the amount of time the air is flowing while keeping it at a consistent level, you will ultimately reduce the amount of air you are bringing into the cannon and using. This can be a simple adjustment if you have the amount of room necessary for the larger tank addition. 

Nozzle Adjustments

A final area to consider when you are looking for air reduction air cannons is in the nozzle area. The nozzles should be adjusted in order to allow a faster blast of air to enter the air cannons. This faster blast can ultimately give a heavier blast of air into the area. This can be done without increasing the amount of air generated and used and while still giving the full amount of air cannon pressure found in traditional models. 

If you believe that one of the reduced-consumption air cannon models would benefit you, contact your local industrial equipment dealer. They can help you with options as well as with pricing information. They can also answer questions about installation and delivery as well. If you have further questions about maintenance and other inquiries, ask your industrial air cannon equipment dealer.