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3 Key Features to Look for in a Tennis Court Broom

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If you've recently installed a synthetic tennis court, then you'll have to get used to doing some maintenance work to keep the playing surface in good shape. A good tennis court broom is essential here. It helps you keep the court clear and clean.

However, not all tennis court brooms are equal. To make sure you buy the right product that cleans effectively and lasts a long time, look for the following features.

1. Strong Bristles

It is important to choose a broom with bristles that are specially designed to work on artificial court surfaces. While you don't want bristles that might damage the surface is you get a bit over-enthusiastic when you sweep, you do need bristles that are strong and sturdy.

If a broom is too soft, then it won't work as effectively. It won't be able to pick up and move leaves, dirt and debris. You'll have to work harder to get traction to push things off the court. So, look for a stiff broom head. Bristles should be long and hard. As well as making the broom easier to use, this also extends the broom's life. It will take longer for the bristles to wear down.

2. A Big Sweep

The size of a broom's head dictates its size of sweep. The sweep tells you how much ground the broom can cover as you push it along. Tennis courts are large spaces. If you use a small broom, you'll simply spend a lot more time on the job every time you clean the court. You'll have to make more passes to cover all the space. If you buy a broom with a wider sweep, then you can clean the court more quickly and effectively. Each sweep of the broom covers a larger area.

3. Adequate Head Support

While broom heads fit snugly into their handles, they aren't usually permanently fixed. This is a good thing in one way — if you can detach the head you can replace it when the bristles wear down. However, it can cause other problems. For example, you may find that a basic broom head/handle combination loosens over time. You'll be sweeping along only to find that the head comes off the broom as you work. You'll have to put it back on to get going again.

If you buy a broom with a metal stay or bracket, then the head and handle are held together. These tools add support to the two pieces to keep them in place. You can also usually detach them if you need to replace the head at any point and then put them back on again.

For more advice, contact tennis court broom suppliers.