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5 Advantages Scaffold Towers Have Over Other Options

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These days, there are numerous options for scaffolding that supports people working at heights, from ladders to poles and even towers. Towers can be either free-standing or suspended from a building and have many benefits over other scaffolding units. From convenience to safety, here are five of the biggest advantages scaffold towers hold over other types of scaffolding for construction, repairs, cleaning, and more.

1. Convenient to install

Scaffold towers are assembled in a way that is easy to install, and the most commonly used material for tower scaffolding is metal piping because of its installation ease. As such, when compared to other types of scaffolding, towers are simple and quick to erect even if you're not an expert. For example, if you want your scaffold tower erected on the ground floor of a building, the entire structure can be assembled in just minutes

2. Versatility

Scaffold towers are very versatile and can be used for a wide range of applications. Most commonly, they're used for renovation work like painting and plastering as well as window and exterior cleaning. On top of that, they can also be used for small-scale construction work and even landscaping jobs like tree and hedge trimming.

3. Portable and lightweight

Tower scaffolding may be bigger than the average ladder, but its easy disassembly and lightweight construction mean it can be easily transported over long distances. Thanks to its portability, you can use tower scaffolds for various projects with ease, even over the space of one day. This makes it a top choice for contractors working on a variety of brief jobs.

4. Durability and sturdiness

Don't let the simplicity of towers scare you; they're just as durable as other options for working at height, if not more sturdy. Scaffold towers are durable because they are made up of strong materials such as steel pipes and iron hangers. Steel pipes provide stability while iron hangers are created to endure high pressure and strong winds. Together, they make tower scaffolding long-lasting and strong without compromising on portability and versatility. 

5. Safety

Ladders are one of the most common tools for working on small projects at height, and when they're correctly used, they can be an effective means of accessing tall places. However, their lack of stability can be a problem. Tower scaffolding provides more safety than a ladder because it is anchored to the ground. Plus, towers offer wider bases that distribute weight over more space on the ground, offering better balance and grip. As such, tower scaffolding is far less likely to wobble and won't fall down like a ladder can.

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