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4 Signs That You Need Compressor Overhauls

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If you're running a commercial refrigeration system, you need to know what it takes to keep your compressors in good working order. The key to any compressor is proper maintenance. Your refrigeration equipment needs regular maintenance such as compressor system overhauls to help keep air compressors and motors in good working order. You should also be aware of the signs that your compressor needs an overhaul. Below are four issues that compressor system overhauls can detect and fix.

1. Compressor Overhauls Can Fix Inconsistent Air Flow

A thermostat that is not calibrated correctly will cause inconsistent airflow, as well as temperature fluctuation within your ice machine. If your ice machine is only blowing out lukewarm air at random times of the day, you might have a thermostat that's malfunctioning. However, if your ice machine is blowing out warm air all the time, or if you've noticed the temperature of your ice dropping consistently over time, this could be a sign of a bigger problem with the compressor. If your compressor is old enough or if it has sustained enough damage from being used too often or for too long, then you'll need to get it overhauled to keep it running effectively.

2. Compressor Overhauls Can Fix Oil Leaks

A compressor overhaul can be a good thing if your compressor is leaking oil. With the use of an overhaul kit, you can fix your compressor and make sure it stops leaking. When the kit is used, it is a mechanical process that fixes all of the seals on the machine, which will prevent any more leaks from occurring.

3. Compressor System OverhaulsCan Fix A High Vibration

A high vibration can point to a plethora of issues. It most commonly occurs when the compressor is not running in its sweet spot, which is the RPM range it was designed for. It can also occur when the flywheel on the engine is out of balance. A high vibration can also be the result of an unbalanced crankshaft or damage to the cylinder walls. If you have noticed that your compressors vibrate more than normal, you should have them inspected for potential problems. Vibrations can cause damage to other parts of the system and lead to more expensive repairs if you leave the problem unattended.

4. Compressor Overhauls Can Fix Faulty Compressor Cycle Time 

Your compressor needs to maintain the correct cycle time throughout its entire life. This is to ensure that the chillers and cooling towers are functioning properly and that the entire system is working as it should. If your compressor cycles more frequently, this means that it needs to run longer in order to achieve the same results, which can lead to rapid degradation of the system. When you notice a rise in the number of cycles per hour, or in the amount of time it takes for each cycle, it may be time for overhauls.

If you notice any of the four signs that you should consider getting your compressor overhauled, contact a professional about compressor system overhauls today.